Sunday, 22 December 2013

Run towards the roar

I have read the following narration somewhere I do not remember now. But it is sure that I have read it in some book of inspiring thoughts. It is about a trick used by African lions to catch innocent lambs. I believe this behavior of African lions is true and reliable.

As lions grow old, it is natural to them to become weak physically. Their sound is distorted, their limbs become weak, tooth falls and body becomes lean. The whole appearance announces their old age. They cannot run fast as they used to, they cannot roar as they did in their young days and they cannot pounce upon their prey as they could before. They sleep most of the times and roar with hunger while they are awake. Hunger does not give space to old age and its weakness. They feel hungry but cannot catch prey as before.

However we should not assume that old lions lay idle waiting for death. It is not so. They run after animals and try to jump over them with all their strength. But often, the animals are faster and nimble than the old lions. Always, in 99 out of 100 cases, animals escape. This adds to the frustration of old lions.

Hunger, frustration, anger and physical weakness - they live with memories of young days and the realities of the present day. 

Fortunately for them, their younger ones used to come for their help. They have a trick played from their ancestors to this day to catch animals for the old weak lions. They roam together, though the old ones cannot keep their pace with the young ones, till they spot innocent animals grazing in open fields or drinking at a shallow stream. Once they find their prey, they part in two groups, the young ones go in one direction and the old weak lions go in the opposite direction. This places their prey in between the two groups. There is wisdom in selecting the places where the two group stand for the prey. The old lions are expert in analyzing the direction of the wind. They lift their head, listen with their ears and see with their eyes and finally declare the direction of the wind – from where it comes and where it goes. The old lions go against the wind and stays in the direction of the wind so that the scent of lions and the harsh though weak roar of the old lions reach the grazing animals with the wind. The young lions go in the direction of the wind and stays with the wind so that the scent of the young lions will be carried by the wind away from the animals.

Once they position themselves, they get ready for the game. The old lions stand in the direction of the wind letting the wind to carry the scent of lions to the animals. The animals in between the two groups smell the scent of lions. Through the scent they sense the presence of lions somewhere near. They are wise enough to decide to run for their life. Their practice is to run away from the direction from which the scent of lions comes. Then comes the roar of lions. The old lions roar with all their strength. The wind carries the roar to the animals. A shiver passes through the body of animals. They decide to run. Which direction? Surely, away from the roaring lions.

They run, holding life in their hands, with a throbbing heart, death just following them. They run away from the scent of lions and the roar of lions. They run in the opposite direction. They are running for their life.

But what awaits them in the opposite direction? The young lions have placed themselves in that direction, opposite to the roaring old lions. Poor animals, they run fast into the mouth of the young lions. There is no escape from them. They fall into their trap. The young lions are quick and strong in action. No animal can escape their paws. The young lions paunch upon the innocent animals, kill them and prepares a feast for the whole group of young and old lions.

What went wrong with the animals? Their action was wise and correct. They should run for life. They should run away from the enemies.
Still the fact is that, if they would have run towards the roaring lions, they could escape from death. The roaring lions were old and weak. They could not run after animals. Hence, the animals could run away from the old lions. The young ones did not roar, but were strong and nimble. None could escape from them.

What should we learn?
This is the secret of success. Face the roaring lions and do your best to defeat them.
There is risk. But there is no success without risk.
You need courage to run towards the roar. Success is not for the coward.
It is a life or death fight. Only the positive result of such a fight is called success.
We may die, may be defeated. Death by fighting is glorious. Death of a defeated person is the most inglorious happening in this world. Remember, one may be defeated, but cannot be destroyed.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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