Thursday, 20 February 2014

Fewer mistakes; fewer regrets

I do not decry mistakes. It is human to err.
Mistakes are synonymous with failures.
But failures are not always mistakes. Right decisions and right actions also may result in failures. So failures are not always the product of mistakes.
Mistakes are always failures. Rarely even a mistake may bring forth success. But that is never counted as success. That happens often in war. Very rarely mistakes committed by a sergeant or a military general may lead to victory. But in the ensuing analysis of the event, the action is always run down as fatal mistake and never rewarded. It is because a mistake is fatal in war whatever the accidental outcome is.
So mistakes are mistakes in spite of the nature of its outcome.

Mistakes are judged not by its outcome. Mistakes are defined by rules that govern the action. These rules are not written and not fixed. Every race has rules, every game has rules and every action has rules. Victory is not just the outcome but the successful outcome of an action completed according to its rules.

Mistakes are not always a purposeful action towards it. Many sincere attempts may also end as mistakes. Our life is not always our own life; it is the life of some others too. We cannot stand alone or without action on this great stage of life. We are born to this stage and from thence we are acting our role. There are some others always on the stage. We are to act with them and along with them.

Mistakes are harbingers of regrets. A mistake we commit is sure to lead us to failure. Every failure caused by a mistake takes us to regret.

Regrets are painful, discouraging and often disastrous. It murders our life force that helps us to move forward. It is a personal emotional crisis. It demands recoveries beyond our capability. Since time, money and health that are lost will never come back, causes incurable wounds.

I am afraid of regrets. I have had enough of it in my life. Nothing happened can be retrieved. Hence no wounds can be healed.

The only possible way to escape from regrets is to make fewer mistakes. I am not recommending a secluded life. Live the life in the midst of the crowd.
Life has given me certain lessons to help me to make fewer mistakes. They are personal. Every experience in life is personal and has a personal message to us. It leaves personal impressions on our mind that effect individual responses.

So what I have learned may remain very personal. Hence they are not general theories that can be applied to all and all problems I refrain from scribbling it here.

My only advice is to make fewer mistakes and less regrets.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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