Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Blind Cat

There were two good friends. They were friends since their childhood. Never quarreled, never envied and never parted.

One of them was very intelligent and a multi facet talented fellow. He was nimble in action. He was pure white in color – white as snow. He had sharp eyesight, a brilliant brain and a sound physique. But he was always hungry and complained about it.

His friend was black in complexion. He was slow in action and has not exhibited any amazing talents. None so far has commented on his intellect since no incident had ever occurred worthy of comment. His physique, of course was not bad. But he always showed lethargy to involve in any adventurous attempts. All these characteristics had a sad backdrop. He was blind, could not see even an elephant in day or night.

We are talking about a white cat and a black cat. Imagine a white intelligent, nimble and healthy cat and his friend, a black, lethargic and blind cat.

The title of our discussion is The Black Cat. So let us discuss how lived.

As we all know a cat must catch a mouse, else die of hunger. Mice of these days are equipped with a better brain than that or their ancestors. Mice seem to have gained an extra sense to smell cats. So it is a hard work even for a normal cat to catch them.

Our poor black cat, he was blind and hence could never catch a living mouse. But please do not fall into the wrong assumption that our black cat was fighting with hunger to his death. The situation was the opposite of it. He realized his limitations, accepted it and took a decision never to fail. He had a detailed discussion with his friend the white cat on cats, their behavior and tactics of hunting cats and so on. The white cat with brilliant eye sight had a lot to share with him. During the discussion the white cat told everything about catching cats except that he was a failure in the venture. But that was not important information for the black cat.

The black cat understood about the intelligence of the present day mice. They were told to be quick in decision and brisk in action. They seemed to appear and disappear like elves. He understood the fact that a blind cat like him would never catch a living mouse.

Along with this fact, he also understood that, at occasions, by unknown reasons to the white cat, dead mice were found within their vicinity. Dead mice did not sense the approach of a cat, they did not run and they never played elf. There was the hope for the black cat.

Imagine how the black cat lived happily thereafter. He could not see, but could smell. He forgot all about hunting living mice. He started to smell around for dead mice. He was always lucky to find at least one every day. Thus he successfully overcame hunger. He lived a happy life to old age till natural death.

Somewhere above I mentioned about the failure of the white cat. He was intelligent and talented. He knew every trick and trade of catching a mouse. He was a good trainer to young cats in the art of hunting mice. But he could never catch a mouse.  He lived a hungry life. Since he was such a healthy cat, he rejected the idea of eating dead mice. It was not to his honour and dignity.

What led to the failure of the white cat?

He was very conscious about his sound physique and his beautiful paws and sharpened polished nails. He never lived in dirt and never touched any unclean. He always wore soft, silken white socks over his paws. Rarely did he remove the socks to shake hands with someone dear. He was so famous for his white socks, beauty of his paws and carved nails. Mice were tasty food but dirty creatures. They lived in dirt. So he never removed his white silken socks even while pouncing upon a mouse. The result is that all mice escaped from his paws and nails and few were caught by teeth. Hence he lived in hunger and failure.

The white cat was reluctant to use his talents and individual resources that could be utilized to live a successful life. He never tried to use his unique capabilities as it should be. He lived a failure.
The poor black cat realized and admitted his limitations. He had a strong desire to live successful. He searched and found the truth that there are more opportunities available in this word than a man can count, if he is passionate about success. He found his space in the hunting for success and stayed there. He lived a happy and successful life.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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