Monday, 14 July 2014

The ant and the mystery of the world

This is not a statement on any scientific truth; this is only a moral story.

Our story narrates one of the many strange experiences an ant goes through in his life. Some of them reveal the mystery of the world, while some others are everyday experience with no philosophical insights. In fact all experiences in our life are philosophical statements since everything speak about the mysterious thing called life.

One day the ant was roaming aimlessly. Its stomach was full. The air was calm and comfortable. Since the ant was not used to sit idle, it came out of the anthill hoping to have another look at the world. How far it traveled so far is unknown. The world is a pretty place for a tiny ant to experience.

On its way it came over a smooth white surface. The surface was so even that the ant found it bit difficult to walk. Still it managed out of past experiences. Experiences are great things. They teach us marvelous ways of existence.

It was a vast area for the little ant. It moved to left and right, forward and backward. Nothing could be seen except the white surface. It was rather a dull place to stay long. So the ant decided to walk forward and out of the surface. No way out could be traced and no ant path were found. Still it moved on.

Moving is life, everything else is death. Moving forward is the only way of escape. Moving renders new life.

So the ant moved on and on. Suddenly it saw a new object on the white area. It was shining in the sunlight. A light ray reflected from the object temporarily blinded the ant. The ant sensed an opportunity for an unprecedented experience of life. This might offer a further explanation about the mystery of life. It would be wonderful to go back and describe the experience and a new revelation of life to fellow ants in the anthill.

So it walked towards the object. As it reached nearer to the object, it became larger in size and more mysterious. Nothing, not even the roar of sky high mountains was going to discourage the ant. With all his might and courage, the ant climbed on the shining object. It was determined to delve into the mystery of this new object and life. So it climbed onto the object.

Suddenly the object started to move. The object moved slowly from left to right and again from left to right. At first it was frightening for the ant. Then it was a new life. The ant started to enjoy the swing. The object moved not fast, it did never shake off the ant.

The ant looked downward and found that the object is leaving black twisted lines and marks on the white flat area. That was really marvelous. What did the object scribbled on the white area? May be the mysteries of life.

The ant looked down on the black lines and strange marks scribbled by the glittering object on the white area. It could understand nothing. But the ant was sure that they were stories of life. The ant looked on the lines and on the marks for a long time. As the moving object travelled from left to right it scribed new patterns of life on the white area.

Slowly the ant forgot all about the past.  It was aware only about the moving object and the black twisted lines. The ant forgot all about the frightening experience of climbing on to a strange object and the fear felt while it started moving.  

The ant philosophized the whole event: the white area, the glittering object and the black writings. What was the cause? Who was behind all these? The ant could find no other power except himself. It was he who discovered this unknown patch of white area. He discovered the shining object. He climbed over it. And surely it was his might and power that moved the shining object.
Then it was his wisdom that scribbled the mysteries of life and death on the white area.

He felt divine.

Post Script:

The man holding the pen looked down on the white paper to read whatever he has written so far. He was satisfied by the narration he made. Then he noticed the tiny ant sitting on the tip of the pen. The ant was sitting on the silver tip of the pen. So far it has caused no problem to his writing.

So he continued to write, more and more, ignoring the presence of the ant.
Professor Jacob Abraham

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