Thursday, 3 July 2014

Want to see stars?

All of us are afraid of darkness.
Animals are not afraid of darkness like men. Some animals and birds prey in the night. Some animals have better vision in the night.
But night always frightens human beings.

We are afraid of night because of the ferocious and poisonous animals that roam in the dark. Then poisonous snakes, scorpions, lions and such animals have no problem in attacking others during the day. These animals may be roaming in the night because night is calmer with fewer enemies. It may be easy for them to prey during the night than the day. No snake comes out of its hole with the sole intention of biting a human being. No lion wakes in the morning with a decision to kill a man. They kill for their food. So ferocious animals that prowl is only one reason for our fear of night.

Fear is archetypal also. We have inherited it from our parents. We have been associating night with ghosts and spirits. Night is the time for devils. Though there is no evidence for ghosts and devils not walking during day, we have inherited such a notion that night is the time for these vicious unseen beings.  We are afraid of all spirits of dead people, even the spirit of our dearest one who has passed away. Something in our heart tells us that all spirits and their world are noxious.

Wicked people prefer night for doing all their illegal, immoral and cruel activities. Night is the safe time for them, may be because it is less lively. But wickedness needs no particular time to act. Vile activities are done during the day also.

Why are we afraid of nights? It is because night is dark.

I know this is not a great revelation. But I am sure that I am leading you to the core of all these arguments.

We are afraid of darkness.

What is darkness?
Darkness is the absence of light.
Darkness hinders our sight.
Absence of proper sight hinders action.
Absence of action is death.

Darkness is nothing - no hope, no life, no color and no sound.

Hence all situations in our life without hope are euphemistically called dark. All days of trouble are dark. All frustrations and disappointments are dark. Days of financial crisis are dark. Everything negative in our life is called dark.

Dark days in our life are days of ferocious animals, days of poisonous enemies, wicked friends, malicious relatives and unfaithful co workers. Dark days are unhealthy, poor, critical and uncertain. These are days in which we grapple to find a way out of the problems in our life. We stand alone in dark unsupported, unsought and neglected. No scream will be loud enough to attract a friend.

You miss even your shadow in the dark.

But darkness is not always dark. Darkness offers the brightest light. It has the sweetest smile.  It has the best message of hope.  It offers the unchanging friendship. Darkness has something to stimulate your dreams and passions.

Darkness has stars in the sky.
Stars twinkle, smile and often laugh to cheer you up. They will guide you and lead you. They never change nor ever behave unfaithful. They hide their cheerful face to none. They are loving and caring. They shed only light and no scorching heat. They are the most beautiful creation in this world. They remain unpolluted by the wickedness of this world since they always stay high in the sky.

Stars beckon you to new hopes, new life and new dreams.

But the tragedy is that many of us do not see stars during dark days of life. We struggle with frightening thoughts about uncertain future. We remain sleepless afraid of fearful dreams. We look around and see darkness everywhere.

But there are stars in the sky in every night.

Do you want to see these stars?
Come out and stand in the darkness.

This is the only way to see shining stars in the sky.
Come out of your comfortable house and stand in the darkness of night, looking up to the sky.
Untie your boat and let it go into the roaring sea. It will take you to new experiences and destinations.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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