Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Life is a horrible dream

Life is a horrible dream to rise to a beautiful reality.

I believe in afterlife. I am not scientifically sure of afterlife. If there is no such thing I lose nothing by believing in it. If there will be an afterlife, my hope won’t be at loss.
The expectation of a more blessed and glorious life after this fretful life is a consolation. Man lives on such consolations. Every dream of a better tomorrow is an uncertainty and an abstract platform on which we live today.
That is why I believe in after life.

I have no intention of passing on a negative message to the readers by calling life on this earth ‘a horrible dream’. My intention is contrary to it. It is to encourage with a hope for a better tomorrow.

Better tomorrow? When will it happen? I cannot answer. Nobody can.
We are living in a universe which holds a lot of mystery. However we try we cannot discover all the mysteries of the universe. And as long as there are mysteries beyond the understanding of human, there will be uncertainties.

Failure of the best effort often happen – it is a mystery
Success of the worst effort also happen – it is a mystery
Much innocence is wasted where as wickedness seems to be rewarded – it is a mystery
Fortune is never a faithful ally.
Young are taken away by fatal diseases, faithfulness is questioned, greed accumulates, generous also are blessed.
This is a world that we cannot explain every happening. There remain mysteries and mysteries baffle man.

To fight against a universal mystery is foolish. To strive to discover is noble. To fail to understand and explain is excusable.
To accept is a way to peace and happiness. It is not accepting failure, not remaining inactive. It is accepting the great wisdom that there are and will be many mysteries beyond human understanding.

Such a mystery is our future. What awaits us beyond the next turn? We are not sure. Still we have to move on. No man can refuse to move on. Moving forward is a mysterious characteristic of life. There is nothing static in this world. Whatever we call static today will be proved moving by tomorrow. Everything moves always. So is our life. It moves and moves.

Nobody is satisfied by today. Yesterday is a relief for all. Today is imperfect. By standing on this imperfect today, we pine for a better yesterday. It happens every day. Why are we not happy of today while we live now? On tomorrow, we always think of today as a better day.
In other word, yesterdays are always better than today.

Since yesterday is gone and cannot be lived in on any day in future, we wish to create a better tomorrow, a tomorrow better than yesterday.
That is why we live. That’s for what we live. The young live for that, the old dream of that.

We are hopeful of a better tomorrow, better than yesterday and today, even if we may fail. Look at the world around. Are we creating a better world or a worse world? It is not easy to answer. For a moralist, our world is getting worse day by day. For an inventor or a scientist, the world is heading forward to better days. For a common man, he is not sure of either condition.

I am positive on all things. But I too am not sure whether today and tomorrow are better days than yesterday.

So I choose to believe that this life is a horrible dream to wake up into a glorious reality.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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